Sep 21
It's that time of year! Flu shot!

​To all of our patients, it's that time of year to see your family doctor or nurse practitioner and get your flu shot. The CDC is advising that the flu mist is not adequate protection for children. Anyone who has no contraindications should get the shot. To our multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients, this is particularly important. Shots can be obtained at various places to include physician offices, pharmacies, and some urgent care facilities. Also, if you are 50 years of age or older, talk to your family doctor about the pneumonia vaccination. Pneumonia is a very serious infection that results in hundreds of deaths a year.

Sep 21
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

​It's the arrival of fall and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Ladies, please do not overlook your yearly exam with your Gynecologist and your mammogram!

Apr 14
Here comes allergy season!

Along with spring showers comes allergies and for many, migraines! To alleviate these sometimes debilitating headaches, try to avoid excessively windy days, high pollen count, and blowing dust storms. Stay hydrated! ​

Feb 22
Prepare for Spring alleries

​Along with beautiful warm weather, west Texas offers an extended range of allergies. Migraines may very well flare up during this pesky time! People who otherwise remain headache free, experience sinus congestion, which in turn can lead to migraines and headaches. There are many OTC sinus remedies that can offer relief to allergy sufferers, thus reducing the number and intensity of migraines. See your allergist or family doctor if this becomes a major problem.

Oct 27
Fall Weather Brings More than Cool Temperatures

Although we all love the short fall season here in the Permian​ basin, the change in temperature can be a mixed blessing for migraine sufferers. The increase in fall pollination can kick off migraines, just as it does in the spring. On the plus side, cooler temperatures can sometimes improve the severity and frequency of migraines. ​​​

Aug 12
Migraines and West Texas weather!

​Many migraine sufferers claim they can predict changes in the weather with the onset of a migraine. It is certainly true that factors like pollen count, the wind, and even excessive heat and cold can trigger migraines. Even changes in barometric pressure can precipitate a migraine. Allergy suffers and migraines usually go hand in hand with one another. Preventative measures such as staying well hydrated and avoiding excessive physical exertion during extreme heat can help with the onset of migraines. Remember: Hydration and Heat!

Feb 24
Migraine Triggers

​Many people know that certain food additives such as MSG (found in Chinese food, cured meats,  and Mexican dishes) can trigger migraines in some patients, but did you know that other non food additives can also trigger a migraine. Cigarette smoke, red wines, and even aged cheese are common triggers. One lesser known trigger is perfume and cologne. When patients keep a migraine diary we always remind them to note if they were around smoke, or people with overbearing perfume. If you find a pattern, you may need to experiment with your brand of cologne or perfume, or eliminate them altogether.

Feb 05
Menstrual Migraines

Although not the leading cause of migraines among women, it is more common in women under 35. If you experience migraines 2-3 days before your cycle and they continue throughout the menstrual cycle, you may be experiencing menstrual migraines. These migraines can be treated during menstrual cycle only, usually beginning a few days before onset of menses. Consult your doctor if you feel this is the type of migraine you are experiencing. ​

Jan 27
Weekly Neuro Topic

​This week we are blogging on headaches.. We will discuss types, causes, and treatments..Stay tuned!

May 26

This is where we will be posting various topics, discussions, and articles related to neurology!