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Thank you for entrusting us with your or your loved one's care. In order to make your first visit to our office relaxing and stress free there are a few things we would like you to do before you arrive for your first appointment.

Please bring the following items to your first visit.

1. Photo ID of patient. If the patient is a minor we need a parent or guardian ID. This does not need to be a driver's license. Any ID with your picture will be acceptable.

2. Insurance card. This is to verify that the information we received from either your or the referring physician's office is correct. We may need to prior authorize certain procedures by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. If you are on any form of Medicaid, Chips, or Molina, you must present the card with the current year on it.

3. Please be prepared to list all prescription medication you are currently taking on our medication form. This is to include the name of medication, the strength and how often it is taken. If you wish to bring a typed list, that will be sufficient.

What to expect at your first visit

We strive to make your visit as comfortable and seamless as possible. We realize that your time is as valuable as Dr. Brown's and strive to stay as close to schedule as possible. We do not double book appointment times for new patients. Your time is solely yours. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment to fill out the paperwork and review insurance coverage. A link containing our paperwork is available on this website. Please print out the forms and have them filled out when you arrive.

We will inform you of your fee for the visit before you are seen. We do expect payment at the time of service. All co-pays are collected before you are taken back to the exam room by our nurse. Deductibles are collected at the end of the visit. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks (which are run through our e-verify system), and cash. Please do not bring any bills larger than a $50 to pay your copays.

Due to the intimate size of our waiting room, we ask that no more than 1 additional person accompany you or your family member to the appointment. If you are bringing a child in as the patient, please do not bring any additional children with you. This allows our staff and Dr. Brown to focus on your needs. There is a comfortable lounge on the first floor where additional friends or family may wait until your visit is concluded. We do not permit any food or drink in our waiting room.

If you require assistance with interpretation, you will need to bring an interpreter with you to your appointment. The person must be age 18 or over.

If you need to reschedule your appointment please call at least 2 working days ahead. This allows us time to schedule another patient in your time slot. We will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Thank you again for selecting us to serve your medical needs. If you wish to schedule an appointment please call us at (432) 332-2858.